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Bike Rooms


Park Place Tower has four bike rooms. The annual cost for storing a bicycle in a bike room is $20. Due to the high demand for space in the bike rooms there is currently a waiting list. To have your named added to the waiting list you must register with the management office.

Public bicycle racks are available in front of the building on Irving Park Road. These racks should not be used for long term bicycle storage. Bicycles that are left for an extended period of time will be considered abandoned and removed by the city. Bicycles are not allowed to be locked to the fences on Pine Grove or Sheridan Rd. at any time. Bicycles found locked to the fences will be removed by management.

If you move out, don't forget to take any bicycles you may have in the bike rooms and notify the management office that your bicycle has been removed. Bicycles that are left behind will be removed by management and donated.