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The recently remodeled sun deck contains numerous amenities including two large tents, barbecue grills, a basketball court, bag toss, deck chairs, park benches, and rest rooms. Enjoying a summer afternoon or evening grilling steaks on the barbecue while hanging out with friends is what summer at Park Place Tower is all about.

Pool Area Grills

  1. Grills are for the convenience of residents and their guests.
  2. When in use, grills must be attended by an adult and in a responsible manner.
  3. No person under the age of 16 shall barbecue except under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian.
  4. Grills close at 9 PM. Usage should be limited to (45) minutes.
  5. First come first serve reservations will be required on Saturdays and Sundays.
  6. There is a limited number of grills – do not monopolize grills when others are waiting.

Sundeck / Pool - Admission Policy

  • A set of plastic passes will be issued to each residential unit or cabana unit (if the cabana is not owned by a residential unit owner) at the beginning of the pool season. The set of passes will include: All passes issued to you will be imprinted with a coded number associated with your unit and have a rustproof pin allowing them to be attached to your clothing.
    • A resident pass for each resident in the unit. (limit 4 for two bedroom, limit 2 for studio and one bedroom, and limit 4 for cabana owners who are not residents.)
    • Two (2) guest passes that are valid any day.
    • Two (2) guest passes that are valid on weekdays only excluding holidays.
  • Upon entering the sun deck area:
    • Residents, cabana occupants, and their guests must display their passes.
    • Weekday guest passes will not be permitted on weekends.
  • Upon entering the pool deck area:
    • Residents, cabana occupants, and their guests must display their passes.
    • Guests must turn in their guest passes with $5 to gain admittance to the pool. Upon leaving for the day, guest passes will be returned to the resident upon departure of the guests.
  • While you are on the sundeck or in the pool area
    • Although residents and cabana occupants are not required to wear their passes, it is preferred that passes are visible and they should be available at all times. Passes for guests should be visible or available at all times. Residents, cabana occupants, or guests may be asked by building staff to show passes if they are not visible. Anyone unable to present a pass will be required to leave.
  • If a resident or cabana occupant loses a resident pass or a guest pass, all remaining passes must be returned along with a $25 fee to the management office in exchange for a new set of passes.
  • Anyone discovered attempting to circumvent these admission procedures will be required to leave the pool deck and sun deck area.