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Fluorescent Lamp Recycling

Energy efficient fluorescent lamps can contribute to a cleaner environment, but they must be handled properly. To avoid mercury exposure due to broken fluorescent lamps, specialized recycling receptacles are stationed in the management office to collect fluorescent bulbs. Stop by the management office today to safely dispose of your used compact fluorescent bulbs!

What does not belong in the recycling bin?
Food waste Plastic grocery bags (return to store)
Styrofoam Ceramics
Incandescent light bulbs Window Glass
Florescent light bulbs Batteries

In order to conserve space in the recycling bins, please compact all boxes and plastic bottles. Construction debris, appliances, and electronics should never be placed in the recycle bin. Batteries and florescent light bulbs contain mercury and other heavy metals and therefore should not be placed in recycling bins or down the garbage chute. Instead they should dropped off at an authorized recycling center. Violators will be subject to fine.

Pizza boxes, used paper plates, used napkins, and used paper towels can not be recycled and should be thrown in the garbage. For more information on why click here. For more information on recycling, view the City of Chicago's website.